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For those that don't know what all the fuss is about, Halloween (aka: Hallowe'en) was kind of a cross between the Celtic Samhain (the celebration of summer's end) and the Christian All Saint's Day (to honor all the saints), but it is now a secular holiday without much emphasis on religion.

Halloween falls on the 31st of October each year, and it is celebrated with lots of strange customs like dressing in costumes, wearing masks, playing tricks on people, giving out candy (to avoid such tricks, which is called Trick-or-Treat), watching horror movies, and all kinds of fun, spooky festivities.

Many deviants like to change their avatars at this time of year to get into the Halloween spirit. The avatars presented in this article are all FREE for people to use at deviantART as long as the artist's terms of use are followed. Have fun, and be safe this Halloween!

:pumpkin: Free Alien Avatars:

:thumb118492483:Lil' Girl Robot Icon by BrioftheBeesOld School by I-Hasa-Muffin:thumb125607801:Oh, Cute alien n.n by kats-thelastvampire
Alien I by therealShelobGreen Alien icon by Raymoth324Avatar: Baby Eating Alien by FantasyStockAvatarsFree-For-Use UFO Avatar by Aryan-DarkAvatar: Transparent R2-D2 by FantasyStockAvatars
Cy I by therealShelobFree Space Hopper Avi by DEVlANTUFO_ vortex by therealShelobAvatar: Activated StarGate by FantasyStockAvatarsSpace Shuttle by DPA-avatars
Long have humanity's eyes been focused on the skies for signs of intelligent life and even guidance. [Source] With the mysterious nature of aliens and UFOs, is it any wonder that these intergalactic beings, real or imagined, might scare the living bejeezus out of some people? In modern days, these X-Files types of reports have impacted our modern celebration of spookiness. This is why we decided to include aliens in our Halloween feature.

:pumpkin: Free Black Cat Avatars:

:thumb139846329:free icon - mopo cute dance by scribblinfree icon - mopo stare by scribblinHalloween Kitty Free Icon by Sophibelle
Free Avatar-Halloween Kitten by leniinhaBlack Cat Avatar by catluvr2Black Cat by xEndlessAutumnxEvening by GriffinMyth
Hello Kitty Vampire Avatar by PunkyxPiratekitty yingyang spinny icon by kittiekrazyFree: Happy Kitty Avatar by MahkohimeVampy Kitty Free Avatar by KitrakayaAvatar: Green Eyes DA Watcher by FantasyStockAvatars
As stated below, witches were historically thought to have supernatural powers. Some even believed that a black cat was actually a witch that had taken the shape of an animal. Cats have a long history of being feared and revered by people of varying cultures. Because of their mysterious ways, cats were sometimes kept by witches as pets. Some even believed that cats could see into the netherworld of spirits and the dead as well as they can see at night. The practice of hunting witches during Halloween often resulted in the torture and death of black cats. Poor kitties!

:pumpkin: Free Candy Avatars:

Free avi:Candy corn witch hat by Hoshi-HanaCandycorn - FREE ICON by HerzloseFree Avatar: Candy Corn by FantasyStockI Love Candy by I-Hasa-Muffin:thumb138320887:
Trick or Treat - Free Icon by etNoirFree Avatar: Evil Candy Corn 3 by FantasyStockFree Avatar: Evil Candy Corn 1 by FantasyStockFree Avatar: Evil Candy Corn 2 by FantasyStockAvatar: Want Some Candy? by FantasyStockAvatars
Kawaii Candy Corn Avatar by KawaiiUniverseStudioFREE AVATAR: Tooth+Candy Corn by jennifuhCandy Corn by Fuzzi-WuzziAvatar: Candycorn by LinaIvelle
Trick-or-Treating is a common children's tradition of dressing up in a costume and visiting neighbors, local businesses and family members for candy. Costumed children ring the doorbell and ask, "Trick or treat?" It's considered a loose threat that if a treat isn't offered, the children may prank the homeowner. Since most Trick-or-Treaters are accompanied by parents nowadays, the threat is very small. If one doesn't wish to give treats, it's customary to simply leave one's house light off during Halloween Eve. This tells the little beggars that you're out of candy. Trick-or-Treating origin stories vary, but its roots, like many Halloween traditions, may go as far back as the ancient Celts.

:pumpkin: Free Creepy Crawly Avatars:

The Itsy Bitsy Spider by I-Hasa-MuffinSpider Avatar Static Free use by WDWParksGal-StockAvatar: Spider Web Halloween by FantasyStockAvatarsAvatar: Black Egyptian Scarab by FantasyStockAvatars:thumb129519483:
:thumb128259318:Free Blue Scorpion Avatar by chesneySpider Avatar by Trooper-ProductionsSPIDER by Darweyemote spidercochon by MenInASuitcase
halloween avatar - spider by SynfullUru Avatar by PhuiJL:thumb119164015:Halloween avatar -FREE- by shetsyDA Avatar 01 by BlueMoon-Pixels
Spider by MM-Avatars:thumb115525168:Spider sense-say hello by MenInASuitcase:thumb116762874:Simple Mouse by DPA-avatars
"Of the 35,000 species of spiders, only 27 species are known to have caused human fatalities." [Source] But it's no wonder how some critters became part of Halloween tradition. Their very nature (such as venom filled fangs) can inspire fear. Just in case you're wondering, the Brazilian wandering spider is largely considered the most dangerous of spiders. Their aggressive disposition and seriously venomous bite are responsible for the most human fatalities in the spider family.

:pumpkin: Free Pumpkin Avatars:

Jumpin Pumpkin - Free Use by DeviantWombatpumpkin - free icon by scribblinJack-o'-lantern Icon by The-Fry-Bat:thumb139743829:Jackolantern Avatar by catluvr2
Free Avatar: Trick or Treat by FantasyStockHappy Halloween Icon by Agua-Turtle677893Trick Or Treat by I-Hasa-MuffinFree Square Avatar Pumpkin by oOLuccianaOo
Free Avi -Halloween Surprise- by xelloss100dA Halloween - Free Icon by etNoirAvatar: Evil Jack-o-Lantern by FantasyStockAvatarsPumkin avi by JulienPradetFREE avatar recicled pumpkin by Frappuchii
RO: Lude - icon by LinaIvelle:thumb104622630:Free Zombie Pumpkin Man Avatar by de-MotePumpkin Avatar -Free- by moonfreak-stockav-Peekaboo by firstfear
Pumpinkz by pinkx2Free Avatar- Pumpkin by leniinhaJack-O-Lantern Avatar by PegasicornPumpkin Avatar by shirokuro-chanPumpkin AV by Cin3ris
According to Wikipedia, the Jack-o-Lantern is an old tradition from Britain and Ireland, where people carved lanterns out of vegetables as a common practice. In the US, pumpkin carving was associated with harvest time in the mid-1800s. "Jack" of the lantern is most likely from an Irish tale about a man who tricked the Devil. This legend differs from place to place, but it usually has to do with a man that the Devil refuses to take to Hell. Nowadays, the carving of pumpkins is a popular family activity and decoration for Halloween.

:pumpkin: Free Spooky Avatars:

Monst0r - FREE ICON by HerzloseMastermind Cupcake Icon by The-Fry-BatAnother Zubat Icon by The-Fry-BatZubat Icon by The-Fry-Bat:thumb139828901:
free icon - monster RAR by scribblinDrawn to Life Bat - Free Icon by etNoirJason Voorhees Icon by BrioftheBeesFree Avatar: Freaky Eye by FantasyStockHalloween Animated Gif Freeuse by WDWParksGal-Stock
This is Halloween free avatar by WDWParksGal-StockDripping Finger by GoldAndSilverEyesFree Avatar: Black and Orange by FantasyStockMr. Fluffy by I-Hasa-MuffinFree Avatar zombie's victim by oOLuccianaOo
Free Avatar: Snake Amulet by FantasyStock:thumb106704213:free to use:blood heart avatar by manisaurusFree avi -Pirate tard- by xelloss100:thumb119512675:
:thumb116121947:pirate animated icon by tirsden:greenalien: the icon by tirsdenBleeding Rose by heart4uplzFree Disney Villains Avatar by WDWParksGal
Scary Lizard Eye Icon by BrioftheBeesFree Avatar: Wolven Moon by FantasyStockTombstone Static Avatar free by WDWParksGal-Stockdeath by teacup by tirsdenAvatar: Spooky Halloween Bat by FantasyStockAvatars
Free Avatar: Gold Mask by FantasyStock:thumb129517748::thumb95424218:Free-Black wolf by goldenEden
Free Avatar:  Wolf II by dakaziHalloween Bunny Free Icon by Sophibelle:thumb139136974:my animated avatars: Demon I by therealShelob
Avatar: Full Moon by LinaIvelle:thumb114958452:my animated avatars: DA blood by therealShelobBlinkChomp by TheElleAvatar: Tragic by FantasyStockAvatars
Avatar:Mascherine da Venezia 4 by FantasyStockAvatarsFREE AVY - Are You My Mummy? by Emotikonzblood avvy by luckylinxcute funny scary monkey icon by xDinoSkittlex:thumb139003619:
Avatar: 9 Mardi Gras Masks by FantasyStockAvatarsBat - Free Avatar by UnicornRealityBlood by Patient-13
Like the undead (see below), other types of monsters have been feared throughout the ages across the globe. Humans have a long history of fearing the unknown, the things that go bump in the night. From dragons and gargoyles to Jekyll and Hyde, every culture has it's legendary fiends that stalk the human race and seek to do harm. So it is on Halloween that people have used these familiar icons to ward off evil - or just to find some inspiration for costumes! Of course, the worst monsters in history have always been actual human beings.

:pumpkin: Free Undead Avatars:

Watching You - Free Use by DeviantWombat:thumb140205953:free icon - zombie by scribblin:thumb139449493:
Free Square Avatar Vampire by oOLuccianaOoFREE AV - Zombie Goaty by SophibelleFree Avatar: Colorful Skull by FantasyStockTombstone Animated Avatar free by WDWParksGal-StockFree Square Avatar zombie by oOLuccianaOo
Avatar: Halloween Ghost by FantasyStockAvatarsFree Avatar: Man in the Moon by FantasyStockAvatar: Nodding Skull by FantasyStockAvatars
:thumb118119807:Free Avatar Pirate Life for Me by WDWParksGalevil eye avatar by tirsdenFree Avi -Chibi Death- by xelloss100:thumb139828664:
Jack Skellington Avatar by catluvr2Dia de los Muertos Fella by catluvr2Trapped in an icon by Werewolf-PirateSkeleton Static avatar freeuse by WDWParksGal-StockAvatar: Fractal Jolly Roger by FantasyStockAvatars
creepy blue face icon by tirsden:thumb125648052:Avatar: Stitched Broken Heart by FantasyStockAvatars:thumb79081776:
FREE AV - Zombie Mousy by SophibelleFREE AV - Zombie Kitty by Sophibelle:thumb139456359:Free Avatar: Skull - Red Glow by FantasyStockVampire icon by louie9090
The word "undead" is a collective term which includes, but is not limited to the following entities: ghosts, vampires, zombies, ghouls, mummies, and animated skeletons. One may think that the undead would be the brainchild of Hollywood film makers, but the fear of the dead coming back to life (or unlife) is an ancient concept. Each type of undead has it's own mythology and history. Many cultures have stories and even customs related to the idea of the living dead. In it's most ancient roots, much of Halloween is about keeping these kinds of spirits away or at peace with the living.

:pumpkin: Free Witch Avatars:

Cauldron - Free Avatar by UnicornRealityHarry Potter Invisibility by Agua-Turtle677893Free Avi -Pixel Witch- by xelloss100free icon - flying witch by scribblinFree Avi -Blue Witch- by xelloss100
:thumb130871722:Mad Scientist by catluvr2The little witch's hat by shetsyAvatar: Witch Cutie by LinaIvelle
Happy Witch hat by alucardsbloodAvatar: Purple Pentacle Symbol by FantasyStockAvatarsHappy Halloween icon by Raymoth324Little witch avvie by KibasGirlyGirlCauldron blessed be by xEndlessAutumnx
The word "witch" refers to male and female practitioners of witchcraft, which has often been feared in various cultures all over the world. In many cases throughout history, witches were blamed for people's misfortunes and sometimes even hunted and put to death. Today, most of this type of superstition is widely considered nonsense. Modern witches are generally followers of Wicca, a religion that mainly deals with nature. These practitioners study things like herbalism, astronomy, and many other natural sciences. Witches typically celebrate Samhain (the harvest season) rather than Halloween.

:pumpkin: More Free Halloween-ish Avatars:

Free Dragon Avatars by FallenZephyrArt:


Free Balloon Avatars by CrystalJoy-Creations:
Crow Balloon -FREE- by CrystalJoy-CreationsEvil Crow Balloon -FREE- by CrystalJoy-CreationsHoundour Balloon -FREE- by CrystalJoy-CreationsTigerdragon W Balloon -FREE- by CrystalJoy-CreationsTigerdragon O Balloon -FREE- by CrystalJoy-Creations
Megatron Balloon 1 -FREE- by CrystalJoy-CreationsDragon Balloon Brown -FREE- by CrystalJoy-CreationsDragon Balloon Black -FREE- by CrystalJoy-CreationsDragon Balloon Yellow -FREE- by CrystalJoy-CreationsDragon Balloon Red -FREE- by CrystalJoy-Creations
Dragon Balloon Orange -FREE- by CrystalJoy-CreationsBlack-Red DragonBalloon -FREE- by CrystalJoy-CreationsCharizard Balloon -FREE- by CrystalJoy-CreationsShiny Charizard Balloon -FREE- by CrystalJoy-CreationsBalloon Lair Spyro1 -Free- by CrystalJoy-Creations
Panther Balloon -FREE- by CrystalJoy-CreationsLieger Balloon Orange -FREE- by CrystalJoy-CreationsKitty Balloon FBW -FREE- by CrystalJoy-Creations

If you would like to donate some of your free avatars to the FreeAvatarProject, you can read here to find out how.

Article submitted by FantasyStock.
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