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BCA ribbon Avatar by KawaiiUniverseStudio October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

Breast cancer isn't only about women. Did you know that men can get it too? While women are about 100 times more likely to get breast cancer, anyone may be at risk. [Source]

Though cancer is a serious disease, it can often be managed if it's diagnosed in time. We also know more now than ever before about treatments for cancer and reducing our cancer risks. New medical advancements are being discovered every day. This progress has been made with the help of people (maybe like you) that raise awareness. The pink ribbon isn't just a trendy cause; it's about saving lives!

Breast cancer awareness should be taken seriously all year, but October is the month when we are reminded to schedule mammograms, keep doing regular self exams, and help get the word out to our friends and family members to do the same. Breast cancer is a treatable disease these days, but getting diagnosed early is a key factor! Ultimately, we all hope for a cure. But until one is found, the best chances are found in early detection and in understanding preventative actions to take and high risk factors to avoid. (See "Related Links" below for more information.)

BCA ribbon Avatar by KawaiiUniverseStudio Free Breast Cancer Awareness Avatars:

If you're one of the many people who share in our concern for this cause, we suggest one of the following FREE avatars to show your support... THINK PINK!

Please remember to :+fav: an avatar before you use it, and please read and follow the artist's terms of use.
    Pink Fella by Little-VampireFree: Pink Ribbon Hope by iamtequila:thumb119072121:Breast Cancer Ribbon Avatar by Kezzi-Rose :thumb67499313:Support Awareness by RoseSagaePanty-Wearing Editable Avatars by RoseSagaebreast cancer avatar2 by Chiaki-konoichi think pink icon by arieslovescancerbreast cancer awareness icon by whoot-hoot-partyGays breast cancer by Mizukotsu-chanBreast Cancer Avatar by xOxSEALxOx BCA Meuh Avatar by KawaiiUniverseStudioBREAST_CANCER by TaviiAdoptable: Pink Ribbon by lizbotBreast Cancer Awareness by TinorialPeredhil Breast Cancer Avatar by stargazer84Breast Cancer Hope Ribbon Av by RoseSagaeAvatar: Breast Cancer Ribbon 3 by FantasyStockAvatarsAvatar: Breast Cancer Ribbon 2 by FantasyStockAvatars Avatar: Breast Cancer Ribbon 1 by FantasyStockAvatarsFREE AV - Lolita Ribbon by SophibelleBreast Cancer Ribbon Avatar by Kezzi-RoseRibbon :Free Use: by irikaru F R E E Girl avatar by SweetKirbyMy Pink Ribbon by Dragontear2Free: Pink Ribbon Hope by iamtequilaThink Pink... by filleunique Breast Cancer Awareness Icons by KisaFlare
No matter what time of year it is, we encourage dA's iconists to create free avatars that deviants may use to show their support for victims and survivors and to help raise awareness of breast cancer. If you'd ike to donate a free awareness avatar to the FreeAvatarProject, read here to learn how. Together, we can help save the boobs!

BCA ribbon Avatar by KawaiiUniverseStudio Related Links:

Please share one more more of these links with a friend.Support The Pink Ribbon by Spaarghy

:bulletpink: FREE - Help fund free mammograms for women in need. - Just click the big pink button near the top of the page in the link. You can click each day to raise funds.

:bulletpink: Heroes I - Surviving the Beast by damien-c is a compelling interview with SMerle about her inspiring victory over breast cancer.

:bulletpink: Moonbeam13's 2010 Weekend to End Women's Cancer - Dani has a goal to reach $2000 to help fund research for a cure. Please donate any small amount you can afford.

:bulletpink: pullingcandy's Cancer Awareness Contest - Win dA subscriptions, art and more by creating your masterpiece of cancer awareness.

:bulletpink: Breast Cancer: Breakthroughs by Dr Vivian Oputa - Read about some of the risk factors and medical breakthroughs for treating breast cancer.
    The Free Avatar Project Stamp by FreeAvatarProject
(Article submitted by FantasyStock.)
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guitargirl94 Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2009
Hey there, I was wondering if you could post a link somewhere for my newly-formed group :iconfind-a-cure:. I was quite disappointed that somebody hadn't already made a group to support the Breast Cancer Fund, so I made my own. It's not big at all yet, but I'm hoping that more and more people will join to end this horrible disease. Please let me know what you think about my request. Thanks.
mzscarecrow1313 Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2009
very cool
SweetKirby Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2009
cool :la:
purple-kitsune28 Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2009
How nice~ I'll start on mine!
znow-white Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2009
thebathroomguy Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2009
Early detection is the cure of breast cancer.
FantasyStock Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2009
I'm not trying to mince words here, but I just want to make this clear to anyone else that reads this...

There isn't a cure for breast cancer. Yet. Even with early detection, all we have right now is treatment. One can live cancer free for years after being treated, but one cannot be cured. Yet.

This is why funding for research is so important.
damien-c Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2009
Thank you for mentioning the article. *SMerle really deserves it.:) And a big hug for your initiative.:hug:
FantasyStock Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2009
You're welcome. :huggle: The both of you deserve it! That was a really moving article. You both did a fantastic job with it without making the reader feel sorry for anyone. It was like, "Wow! Check out this amazing woman and how courageous she's been!" It was informative enough to possibly even save someone's life! (Like if a lump is found, and your doctor tells you to wait, get a second opinion right away!) You both deserve kudos for that.
elicoronel16 Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
SMerle Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2009  Professional Photographer
I thank you so much for including Damien-C's interview with myself on this very compelling topic. thank you also, to all those raising funds to help those who are in need of awareness and medical treatment. Truly a blessing. :heart:
FantasyStock Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2009
You're more than welcome! :rose: I was tremendously grateful for such a personal and informative interview being made public. Thank you for being brave (and generous) enough to share your own experience with breast cancer.

My mother in law had breast cancer a couple of years ago. She survived it, but it was a scary thing. (She is free from cancer now.) I have to admit that I didn't know what to say to her or how to talk to her, kind of like your interview sounds like some people may have been with you. We went to lunch together several times through her treatment. I figured it was best just to let her talk, so I didn't say much. But now and then, I would just burst into tears and tell her how much *I* needed her to beat this thing. (Felt so selfish!) Then it would make her cry too and try to comfort me, and it felt all wrong, so I often just tried to be silent. Your interview really made those memories come back to life for me. It gave me a lot to think about.

I don't mean to gush at you, but I saw a woman in the post office the other day. She had a pink purse, and her head looked like it had been shaved with new hair was growing back. I wondered if she... Like an answer to my question, I overhead her order the breast cancer stamps, and I had the weirdest urge to say something to her, like one might say to a soldier in uniform. I don't know what I would've said though, so I stayed silent. Is there a thing to say if one just wants to offer support to a stranger without sounding crazy? Or is it best to stay quiet?
SMerle Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2009  Professional Photographer
Your story touched my heart. The biggest thing you can do for anyone with cancer is just be there. Taking your mother in law out to lunch and showing her how much you cared was tremendous. Sometimes the best healer is to touch someone else in pain. Both you crying and holding on, is such beautiful bonding experience, something that the both of will hold dear. One of mine is with my brother, he holding me tight and both of us just crying. It is this moment that makes us treasure life. Sometimes we are selfish and thats o.k. It sounds like you two have a great relationship and by what you've told me you did nothing wrong.
As far as a stranger you see whom you think is dealing with this horrible disease. Just say Hello and smile. That will say everything. Thanks so much for sharing.:hug:
yumi-honamaru Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
These are cute. :3 Thanks for sharing
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